Being Kind can Change the World, or at least someone else’s day


This morning I put on one of my favorite shirts before heading to the gym. It reads:

“In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND.”

Simple thought, but one I’ve always thought to be grand. It got me to thinking about a few things that have happened to me in the last couple weeks and I thought I’d share. Every Tuesday morning at Michael Saunders & Co., many agents assemble with our fabulous managerial staff, often Michael and Drayton Saunders as well, and we go over all the new opportunities that we are afforded by working for such a company. During the meeting every agent who has a new listing is able to present it to the crowd, often before it even hits the MLS, and after that we do a caravan to actually see the listing in person. It’s a pretty great way to learn about all the listings new to the market and have the knowledge to share with your next buyer. Having said all that, we also do a wants and needs list and a “cheers for peers”, and one of those Tuesday’s each month, agent awards.

A couple Tuesdays ago, I was presented with a little “award” that was pretty special to me. I was voted “the kindest agent” in the Longboat Key offices by my peers. Now maybe it’s somewhat silly to be sharing, but to me, it was kind of a big deal. Kindness is something so important, and especially in today’s crazy world! My mother used to use the quote “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.” You won’t catch me that often without a smile and now I seem to have passed that quality along to my daughter. Here’s where the importance of teaching kindness really kicked in for me: My daughter has been applying to colleges and on one of her many interviews she was asked who she was most influenced by. She replied that it was her mom, (that’s me!) “because she always taught me to be kind to every person I met.”

Kindness isn’t always easy, but it can help lift your own mood and it can definitely be contagious. We all have our own struggles and troubles. No matter what your day may bring, if you pass a little kindness along, it comes back to you in ways you may not have imagined before. Hearing my daughter say those words was definitely the biggest “award” ever, but my gift certificate presented by my peers was pretty great as well : )